Precision Tune Up for Your Air Conditioner.
Why Should I Get One?


Air Conditioning “Precision Tune Up” (19 Point Checklist)

Leading air conditioning manufacturers all agree that it’s important to maintain your A/C system. *See these articles from Choice Magazine & Canstar.

So don’t risk voiding your A/C’s manufacturer’s warranty – have an annual service carried out by a qualified technician.

Having an annual checkup is for your benefit too…

It helps you achieve the maximum economic working life out of your air conditioning unit. Plus it protects you against many of the common equipment failures, such as leaks, corrosion, mould, damaged wiring, corroded electrical contacts.

But that’s not the only reason for an annual checkup…

What about all those hidden nasties like bacteria, dust mites and breathing in those potentially fatal mould spores?

Who knows what’s lurking inside you’re A/C system. (we’ve found rats, roaches, and a host of other vermin you’d rather not know about)

With our Clean & Fresh Air Conditioning Health Check, you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your system will always be ready to keep you healthy, safe and comfortable.

What’s Included In Your “Clean & Fresh Air Conditioning Health Check”?

  • Isolate the system to make safe and test,
  • Protect any furnishings and carpets with drop sheet as required,
  • Install intensive decontamination catchment system,
  • Dismantle indoor unit and pre-soak the cooling coils with a nontoxic, food grade cleaner,
  • Wash down Indoor covers with natural anti-bacterial and anti-mould solution

Plus this…

  • Wash filters with natural anti-bacterial and anti-mould solution
  • Carry out low pressure wash of evaporator coils and fan scroll with a natural anti-bacterial and anti-mould solution, to remove mould, DNA and other debris.
  • Flush and check the condensate tray & drain line,
  • Carry out final flush of the evaporator coil,
  • Reassemble indoor unit,

And this…

  • Carry out a visual inspection for refrigerant leaks,
  • Inspect electrical connections,
  • Test the isolator for correct operation,
  • Check both indoor and outdoor units for any sign of insect or vermin infestation,
  • Check over interconnecting services and pipe connections,

Also this…

  • Wash down condensing unit, clearing any obstructions to allow good air flow,
  • Restart and check operation.
  • Clean up work areas,
  • Report on any identified issues and provide upfront pricing.

So it’s important to have the expert technicians at Repare Electrical & Air Conditioning carry out regular preventative maintenance at the end of each season.

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Should You Do a Quick DIY Clean, or Should You Call the Professionals?

If you're a DIY person, scroll down and watch the quick video on this page. It's only 3 minutes long and will show you how to do a basic filter clean.

Before you scroll down though, consider this...

As with anything involving electricity, there is always the potential for DANGER...

  • There are live parts that can be exposed if the machine isn't correctly isolated
  • Even when isolated any untrained interference could result in damage costing thousands to repair.
  • This could lead to serious personal injury or catastrophic damage to the machine....

A full air conditioning service should only be performed by a qualified AC Technician.

So leave it to our professionals to deal with the gunk and grime and live electricity.

Our specialist technicians will perform a full nineteen point tune up and decontamination on your system. Keeping you safe from all those hidden nasties, leaving your air clean and fresh.'ll get a free deodorising treatment when you book before May 31st.


For year round comfort, and clean fresh air, call us now on 3063 5653


How To Clean Your Air Conditioner Filter…(for DIYers)

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Our industry leading guarantee is designed to give you complete peace of mind.

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