Air conditioning is one of the most vital appliances in a home. There are many different air conditioners to choose from on the market today, with many different features, and each one offers varying levels of efficiency and comfort. Here are some tips on what to look for when buying an air conditioner.

How do ducted air conditioners work?

A ducted air conditioner is very similar to a central air conditioner except it does not have any kind of outdoor unit or compressor. It is considered to be an all-in-one, self-contained system that has everything you need for complete cooling. Ducted air conditioners work by pushing cold air through a series of pipes, fins and vents that are installed in the roof or ceiling of the building, and into each room. It also has some advantages over traditional systems which include high efficiency and quiet operation.

The pipes in these systems move the cooled or heated air throughout your home, typically using metal ducts and vents. As these hot or cold pipes are hidden in your home’s walls, ceilings, and floors, they don’t impact on your décor like window-mounted units or floor-standing units do.

How do split system air conditioners work?

Split system air conditioners are an excellent option for those who want to cool their home, with a smaller upfront cost. They work by using outdoor units and indoor units to get the job done. The outdoor unit contains the compressor and refrigerant, which is what cools your home down. The indoor unit has the fan, cooling coils, and electric heating elements. Split systems typically use a single hose for both intake and exhaust ventilation to pull in fresh, cool outdoor air and release hot, moist indoor air. The hose is installed horizontally across the top of your home’s exterior wall, above all other windows or doors.

Split system air conditioners are great for reducing energy costs. This type of air conditioner is best suited for small to medium sized homes. These air conditioners have cooling and heating capacities, and they save you money on your monthly bills.

Which air conditioning system is right for my home?

A ducted system is a more efficient option when cooling a large area. The heated air is distributed throughout the entire space and is not lost like in split system.
However, ducting can be complicated and expensive to install, so it may not be suitable for every property. Split system air conditioners are a cheaper and easier option if you don’t have much space or don’t need to cool an entire area at once. The choice between these two systems depends mainly on where you live and your budget.

Ducted and split system specialists

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